Olivine, a mineral with many industrial applications

OLIVINE is a magnesium iron silicate mineral produced thermofluxfrom volcanic rocks. It is named for its typically olive green color. The name olivine is given to members of the fosterite - fayalite solid-solution series.

It is a low cost source of MgO, with good insulating properties, high resistance to alkaline oxides that make it excellent for use in bricks and unshaped refractory. Because of its high melting point and resistance to chemical reagents is an important refractory material and thus can be used in furnace linings and in kilns.


Olivine products are suitable for use as slag conditioner in the steel industry, EBT filler sand, sand blasting and also as foundry sand. In recent years where everything focuses on environmental friendly materials and management the industry has appreciated the "green" character of olivine and as a result olivine has replaced many traditional materials.